The Wind was to abrUPtly WIND itself – down YET again(…) And to a mere-EAGER wagering-of-whimpering mindfulness, perhaps

… as her lApse in layabout (and) A-GAME concentration became —- this HIGHLY audible AND APPLICABLE thing

of ultimate fruition, actually. They have INDEED seen the back of the behind… … the UPside BEyond THIS-TIME and it wishes to f-e-e-l

—- rather wonderFULLY RiOtoUs, ACTUALLY ; as we KNOWingly BEGin to f-e-e-l exactly what we shALL all-of-US (get to inesCAPABLY!) see AND s-e-i-z-e(!!)

When we earNESTly earn and rather riotously ReInVeSt: in all-of-these aforeMENTIONED minutiae things which we WILL-WISH-TO aforementioned BE.

By the heavenly/hellish ending of rHapsoDicAlLy nightly Re-AWAREness and for the price of PURELY/PRICELESS memories(!!!) MAYBE.

As it all come c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-y CRASHING
n aGAIN(…)

ChAoTiCaLlY, pl(EASE!!) They whisper it oh, so very exceedingly well, don’t we simply wish to seek to WANT TO THINK.. it for ourselves(?)