This street has experienced the all too detrimental underbelly extraordinaire
They’ve been meaning to so suddenly make to create a surefire manner of thinking…
Bespoke and, above all else, tremendous in its fine tooth-combed nature alone
Individual upheaval
Creativity might just be right on the money, which said non-residentialised people agonisingly fail to ever so much as see, until, that is…
A way out, please, from nothing to unmatchedly something seriously extracurricular activity
We’ve been seeing a thing or ten, subtle to sentimentally suffocating brushstrokes dedicated to all of everything – you and your K-O-D-A-K crew of larger than life friendly, foot-thumping, pedestrianised recognisers
Settle To Illustrate Say Remarkably When
This will make it all alright by the end, we do reckon to finally depend upon our reawakening will
Twisted, blood-curdled needles placed haphazardly amidst deteriorated, dreadfully sedated, broken-boned bodies within darkened alleyways seem to be a bygone existence for now
Take my hand and plough immediately on through both you and I – I’ve seen the light one more time and you are right, it glimmers to stretch to shine like ten thousand sky-strewn diamonds
Our personalised sketch to soar the senses
‘Til it transforms itself to flick one-eighty degrees and the ultimate delve becomes preposterously, quite fastidiously otherworldly – very near to almost feeling juxtaposed ethereal
Abstract to extract a cross-roaded level of garnered respect between one such aside the next
And thank you for that from the bottom to the beat-again top of our previously neglected stop-start hearts
For honing tremendously on in
To colour-filled-universe set us sizably, insatiably, fair tastefully apart
Safe to sit alongside to say, You had a heart and nothing else we ever really needed to re-breathe in this Rebel Red world of ours