An almighty choke hold
Six children – one room
Absolute pandemonium
A distant and utterly dilapidated father away on a whim more often than not
Equally harsh surroundings, an unsavory mind-prison
In more ways than one
Each fighting it out for their very own, rooted to this horror-story spot
But what on earth got them this far!?
A giving neighbour who truly cared, perhaps, or would she turn out to be their ultimate undoing?
A lapse in crazy concentration
Is this the closest they may ever get to what’s sensational?
Unravel everything, Miss Finnegan, why don’t you!
Choosing what might appear oh so right from the outside peering on in could indeed be the very thing that places then on an even greater knife-edge
Stay here and be together ’til the very end – dependent however unruly
Or take it all away
Far superior surroundings albeit separated forever
Really they should get to choose for themselves but they never knew
Sipping her early-morning brew, she decided upon exactly what to do next
Call the Gardai, point them in the correct direction
Summon them as far as the overgrown back-garden – just a wayward suggestion
Awestricken Sergeant
Smashing open the hollow door, pour on in, steal them away one heartbroken soul at a time
Welcome to a brand new family – an entirely different kind of mind-prison
Never, ever to be seen again, a dart through that particular custodial battle
No more Daddy, but no more family-ties either
Crying eyes, six children flung over a loving shoulder
Bless the neighbour and her cotton socks, at least she goddamn tried