What they did was they.. took time to have created its very own state// and that is done and dusted and FINE NOW, actually(!) They’ve even walked with it ALL, indeed, even BEEN: brought back to all of these other travailing’s of place… …

Of disgustingly inappropriate behaving’s, and THEN something else altogether rather otherWISE Rotting and at the knife-edged Core— of what’s SCENE to be illy-restored pain AND workingUP theABSOLUTE FUCKing courage to WAKE up to -)

That serenely wished-for sense of Hahahahaha-Hilarity again; it’s over enthusiastic, certainly(!) And, then, what we have IS

That adorABLE nature which swims Neanderthal With=in… stranger than sTrAnGled fICtIoN, perhaps. These particular people HAVE BEEN SENT aGoNisInGLy DaFt

Even appear to have written The Draft: On HOW(!?!) to survive the unSURVIVABLE.

Revival stILL preciously pending.