They have been thinking and they don’t seem to even understand their own level of complete and utter coincidental mannerism anyMORE – do not even seem to feel a necessary Need to read… (—-) between the (—-) lines inside (of) their (own) mEaNdeRiNg mInDs, when the midnight oil is burning, their workload (—-) churning… … itself out-LOW(!) ‘til (—-) taken —

To (RHAPSODICALLY) with-IN (an inch of…) the early-hours of the SENTIMENTAL/(—-) A.M. “again!” Silence and softly harsh inner-ward surrounding circumstances which do INDEED abound —

of a MEAndering mind AND WANT-AWAY(!?) heART(!) that canNOT but playFULLY anticipate its own introverted/(—-) state – of all sorts of games which it w-i-s-h-e-s to (l-i-k-e to) play

This is t-h-e-i-r day of utterly brilliant portrayal even when, and IF, it f-e-e-l-s All kinds of dutifully lacking in ANY (more!) description sometimes And waiting… e-a-g-e-r-l-y

For the YELLOW(!) clock to take (—-) stock, for it to (—-) s-H-o-C-k their Borderline bodies back to life

… some times.

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