Perhaps, just perhaps maybe now: “mostly they’ve been peppered in procedural pursuit and gaining unforgettable access to the whole upsideWIDE truth of delinquency in the sprinting ———-> rain

When all the pandemic people CAN coast into yet another roomy room to eventually assume that state of upward-bliss.” They’ve

Eventually electrified themselves ((End Of Story)) abhorrently and _ EnoughTimes Now to send any man wIlDly oTt and (with the) neurological ability to be –

Barking, RAD and marvellously ambivalent (!) We’ve… stepped away from the slime-light —again— and broken ties with A Carefree Undenied. We’ve even lessened our SIGNIFICANT STRENGTH over these Hella INsignificant -TOMOST- people , and say we are throwing ___

All of the soundedOUT, woUnDUP UP words at the layabOUT world and stepping back a tad to tease our Upside-down Minds back to (a) distracted Life then so be that the PEPPERED-IN-PINK gentlemanly way to cause –

“Shudder-speed portrayals EVENTUALLY, please.” It’s a portal, only it is no such SORT OF portal to a preordained -schismatically speaking – spiritual kindA reawakening to send ‘em All Away

With their decked in deCaY frames ___ – BENT to the end of their reckless tethers. “We shot her in the foot so that her favourite MODERN-DAY face wouldn’t feel THE VERY SAME ever again !!”