They were caught turning their tongue right roundABOUT… and thinking about screaming these other DAFTly deafening things(!) …

and there’s a searing noisy little silence which seems

to be searching for its Own State Of EVER-long awareness. That LITTLE Neanderthal thing called quick-thinking anticipation, though, and WHAT-of-it(?!) “were they REALLY

All napping in the middle of a piano concerto at the GrandePhenomenalWhen that dear-old THING-called-fear caught-UP

With themAgain?” Or.. and this is u-t-t-e-r-l-y debatable but— “have we actually bitten-off far more than any one OTHER perturbedPersonCanBareToChew(??)”

Who cares, as we stare into another person’s gardening of darkening AND outlandishlyFabricated$oul. SomeMore. “And SHOULD we reALLY ALL PROpose a toast, Though: to the

Filthy-little-fuckers with Diamonds-In-Their-Hair and an idiotic+Level Of SelfExploratoryDisrepair(?)”