We didn’t wanna entice ordinarily happy-wild eyes. It’s been a trick-of-the-light and he’s been —- “bellyaching inside of his EYE-of-mind anyway. They don’t seem slightly disinterested, actually, in making it all SeEM WoRtH iTs weight in

Wrecking-ball enthusiasm.” Although, we will need our favourite word-of-wit and, alongside it, for our mesmerised miscalculations to fall ~~~ considerately into lOpSidEd L!NE aNywAy(!!) And why weren’t we ever even allowed to disallow ourselves from acting A-okay AND perfectly All ovEr tHe plACE..

and U-T-T-E-R-L-Y: “all of the time but SPECIFICALLY because

… someBODY else somewhere… seriously in-vain placed a nonStop thinking~S!GN inside of our undesirableNEED to be guided BY

___ wildfire_brains in I-M-M-E-D-I-A-T-E-L-Y asking us: “to NEVER “AGA!N!!” ever cease our whereabOUTS-OF-thiNkinG TEN TIMES TOO MUCH, plEASE.”
They’ve learnt to learn to EARN an earmarked and pretty little existence of ~~~

Remarkable audacity inside of these necessaryIT SEEMS

AND UTTERLY illOgiCAl NumBerS of undeniably theirs, and she’s more than LIKELY inclined to find it all a LITTLE big BiT helter-SkelteR and irredeemablY(!?) UpSIde DowN… … . But, My Oh Why…

Was she stILL abLe to BouncE… “back-to-L!FE
Like a Bird-of-TRY-HARD-Desire(???)” Even if: her feathers were frozen to the bone of her

Blue collar being