They seemed to unearth phenomenality on poised purpose, seemed to be: we wished for it ALL FOR OURSeLvEs, and that will have been a time of wasted intelligence and telling itSeLf

Just ONE such sarcastic sense of singular AND SECONDARY storyline.

These tales were meant to tell a tale all on their own whilst simultaneously… tackling the weight of
Their own actual living, seething, whipping TAIL. These animals and mammals and all sorts of sumptuous and suggested to be

Brazen and radiant-faced pEopLe: come. Tightly together, “please,” and let it feel

Wraparound radiant and wonderfully JOVIAL
As we dot our final flurry of.. ahem, EYES and crossly reawaken our t-i-r-e-d minds

They do MIND(!) how they go, IN-FACT, because: the manners don’t maketh the MAN AND WOMAN and all kinds of binary people

But, rather, They’re utterly individual spiral of spatial awareness, and it’s actually fine… “PrObABlY?!” Exceptionalities have a place in pristine awareness too.. only some can be so VERY goddamn nauseating and it REALLY reeks of leftover burgers and blotted sausages