They’ve been training their thoughts to task themselves back together again / mighty Rebellistic rebels withinThatTheyAre — and courteously both courageously ragingANDaging amidst it all, actually.
Fending when to depend meant everything: NuaNcEd and Rather IrreparablyReal.

“That faceFIRST and matter of fACT..
determinedly skilled level of innerwardZeal, though// that could kill a thousand other trustful onlookers only

Minus another ten-thousand angles of official awareness.”

Have to know: where were we though, when the rest of the world was caught speaking endlessly amongst itself. And Where EVER were they

When truth became utterly mischievous in FACT// Deep breath right now… please and Immediately

But ISthe detail REALLYin the aforementionedZeal For Being—

“Far and
This sense of secondarySignificance(??)” Probably, possibly..

Utterly ****damndownRIGHT(!!!!) m-a-y-b-e:: deafeninglySO…. .. ..

“These perishing people at the back

get to kNOw.” Fortunate forNEVER fLoW

—-because, LETS say it g-e-n-t-l-y: that MAYBE the rails were mEaNt tO CoMe OfF for a reason.”

((To distinguish themselves DIFFERENTLY from this thing called disingenuous apprehension….)).