There’s Nothing Quite Like An OCD Sufferer’s Ingestion Of Breath—- . Quick, Real… … and Inescapable

It’s an introduction to an intricacy which needn’t have ever even happened. As they stare one another square-in-the-face — their tantamount taste for survival had never been so… KEEN-eyed and real. They were not all that bothered by the other person’s reinvigorated State, and what it did take

Was a tale — TANTALISED and all – and OrdinarilyPrepared Out Of NextToNoWhere(?)
There was this… moment… of “what if(?!?!?!?)” which they will n-e-v-e-r speak of again.. “and YET(!!!)”

With their minds litLikeMildlyWildnessOfFire… “they shall be fine with this game of course and choice.” And why(?!) but because they HAVE TO—

State that T-H-I-S Particularthing===>>> the GaMe ThaT THeY PlaY(???) seems to have been

“Radically realisTIC andREAL.” Okay… imagine said wildfire… and UTTERLY MULTIPLY(…) by the bones of what’s been

On the brink of Crippled and Crucified. Because they do this

“Every-single-day and with nearly nothingLEFT.” Oh, HOW(?!?!?!?!?!?) they do delve, though