May we all call to chaos our own source of CuRr€ncY-for-rent(?!?) And MAY we well misbeHAVE as if ——>>>

these, Ahem… … “yeah~yeah~yeah(!!)” people all the way thru~ from
End to… upSETTING DEATH again(?!?) THE (CO)i(N)ed combination seems…

Rather fairly precarious A-THING(..) actually and we have NOT chosen to AlTeR any thing anyMORE.

Restart and reSTORED: our own state of momentoUS inDECISION, “we will if need BE.” In=D-E-E-D(!!) it’s all about the manner of perturbed pErSua$iOn and we shall

… all cause our layabout-limbs to SuddenlyAdjustThemselves and j-u-s-t so very well. “If there was another way of reminding themselves then —- –

So Be It: because… they R-e-A-l-l-y should’ve plainly underSTOOD the error of their

Indescribably Dostoyevskian~wAy$!!” There appears to be a price placed ON THEIR pretty little HEADS

for their battling PreJuDiCes