It’s been an ultimately supremely emOtional RoLleRCoaSteR indeed; and these words of wise-little-mEaNderingS have NOT been MEANing to be

In AND such way M-E-A-N(!) except-to-say— that they have AltErEd (specifically!) their very next perSPECtivized eyesoar.
Yes, it IS radiant and we, THICKASTHIEVES individuals who dive right-in ..

ARE beneficiALLy a-c-t-i-n-g rather altogether natural and CERTifiABLY… … these day-to-day people

Of, we had-to-have guessed it aGAIN, prioritised m(I)nds and ALL OTHER kinds of incredibly k-i-n-d-l-y demeanOURS —

We w-i-l-l seize the aforementioned DAY as though it WERE IN-FACT… the only-other-one left UPon a HURTling, assHURT eARTh—-

Because it ACTUALLY IS… … homegrown and acTING as though of its OWN personal(I)sed sense of homespun entitlement(!!)
Watch-out, “for her clout shouts ever-so very OUT-loud(!!)

As DO our break-even bodies feel beleaguered and officiALLy beWILDERed and, no-less, utterly READy to BEnD At ThE b—reak…”

of the earth-shattering qUaKe of artisTIC MErit and officially headSTRONG deMEANour
Imagine this, though… but she DIDN’T-EVEN-NEED to b-l-e-e-d SINce the eager-faced beginning BEGGED-HER-TO-BE

Somebody else. Indeed(.) “She is freer-than-free for One. Sole. Reason.”