It’s been an insistency, a hidden-faced meaning with a softly advocacy— there’s this downRIGHT time for truth and time for other

UTTERLY denials, inDEED.
As their surefire demise takes Grandiose Shades-Of-Shape again(!) It’s EVEN been egotistical –

And tickling them ‘Til Left inesCAPABLY pink in the softening of fACE..

What we s-e-e-m to have chosen-to-CHOOSE is: something awFULLY-both-comedically IrOnIc;

However, and these trepidatioUS pARTS do actually matter, but she’s been hooded and winking at the wHOLE STATE OF the shyFACED system yet again

)))))) One more LoudMOUTHED Uproar of APPROVAL Per Hostilised Time, PER SE: and we w-i-l-l (NOT) get to GO(!!) again. Gaining that UPPERhand of echelon and

—-> painting it ALL WIDEOPENING and WITh our favourite-Greatest-TESTING of utensil. “Reminding ourSELVES to r-e-m-e-m-b-e-r exactly WHEN(?!)”

we (((ALL))) started to meander and mAkE

Hahahahaha sense(…) of Someone AND SOMETHING else