Those thoughts were meant to be these trippy little mother effing thingsandIF(!!) we ever again

Suppose to ask the handing-over AND HanDlIng of ten wideAWAKE(!!..) and Opening of questions then

We may as well have worried and wired our EntireEntryOfMind the OtherWayRightAndRegularAgain, please.

“Make this thing matterMost; and please reLEASE.. that beast

.. … and think about thinking-of-everyone-else-// who wishes to stay… the ironclad distance” because, believe it OR-NOT…

Their message(-of-memory) was this and NOTHING-AT-ALL-Else: “… to generally believe..

In believing in the space between twoinesCAPABLE=Ears.”

Brain: and Let It dAnCe “SUPPOSEDLY InSaNe.” Because it was and it was not… pot out of luck Paraiah’d and on utterly UNpurpose