Do we really need to do this right now?
Absolutely, pour yourself a red wine and take a delicate trip down memory lane with me
But I don’t have the time, least of all for wine
I’m on a promise
Perhaps we do this another time, when I’m less smothered by aimless deadlines
Sure thing, honey
You do what you need to do
Walk tall, make it all about the money
That’s not how I raised you
Sure, you raised and fed me but you never, ever bred me
Too careless to count
And now all I want to do is amount to something far more akin to my mother
Jesus Christ, turn the other shoulder
She was never there when you needed her
My voice may well come with a slur but I am the one who stayed
Please, please bare with me
For both my sake and yours
Are you sure I can’t pour… we adore you!
If you really adored me you would never stay here
You’d bare the fruits of your painstaking labour
Pick what is right
Choose a different goddamn flavour