Theirs is the ultimate sense of seclusion – to only EVER include these extracurricular people of non-purchasable intent and meaning.. “to gain a suitable sense!!”

From the other perfectly playful person, of trust and, other than that, a sizeably spontaneous reckoning when it came —

Their thankfulness of time to tantalise and bask ‘til READY to gainFULLY remain… SAID playfully happy-faced within… their V-E-R-Y own state of “mind AND BRAIN!”

These WERE the sugarcoated ones, the DAFTly derived AND DELIVERED dilettantes of undeniABLE thirst and Plagiarised Understanding – “priorities mean (almost!) something

To someONE when.. Everyone can actuALLy ((all-of-the-way)) cop the absolute f*** on AND AcT”—

Somewhat SPONTANEOUS AND matterofFACT(!!) sarcastically improper- “it IS an upside-down, wrong-way-round endeavour, PERHAPS, that this particular thing shall NEED to be” trained and treaSUREd sporadically with-IN

And it WILL furrow its own beatnik brow until, someone, SOMEWHERE(!)… can make, MIRACULOUSLY, mEaNiNgFuL sense again

of something, “goodGoDDamnIT(!!)” EVERY next little nUaNcE of layabout thing
An envoy of
They’ve EVEN bloody well managed to do the unthinkable things with both their eyes and explorationBOTHexploitation of HOSTILIZED mind t-I-e-D immediately behind their backs— as abstract and aware

Anyone should ever…
C-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y CONsider to c.a.r.e – we do implore and wish for these people to continue to INSPIRE THEMseLvEs —- ‘til the sense made Sense of Its OwN sInGuLar(!) sense. “Again?”

“Never easy… always, AlWAys free and mother f****** breezy.”