If they did take it all away then that may just have been a fine and dandy littler larger than life masterclass ALL OF ITS OWN.. in creative folly come home to truthfully…

Brighten AND brazenly bring itself back: to that plACE, actually, of ‘ineptitude‘ artistry. And we do (NOT, actually!) get to GO again because..

The time to pause… IS THE comfortable get-out-clause, indeed. Close-eyed and -minded to letting their aforementioned CreAtivE SenSes entertain themselves again ——

Yes, this is: the invaluABLE flatLINE and FaLsTeR to a halfheARTed halt…

And set to RioToUsLy remain, indelibly unCERTAIN as to their very own aforeMENTIONED state

Of insanely suggestive intelligence/Yes, everyone else who she presumes to assume an upstanding positioning with is—

Worth their weight in uninterruptible magnificence, too: both She AND You.