Do you even know how this whole thing went oh so mind-bogglingly awry
Up in feksake flames, you goosed a good experience
To absolute shit, per se
You distanced yourself against every agonised will within, fair sadly instilled
Yes, I was nervous, yet you… simply just You drew a treacherously unasked for line beneath
We took to these savoury streets, pounded to these Rebellised grounds our breathe again, once shy feet – even so much as tended to taking a serious whirl between your Barricaded sheets
From tame to three times a day, little lady of very nearly Kind…
Please, see how good you can and, perhaps, shall soon get to be, although seems to be we will have to leave it right here for me
Instanced upheaval I’d far rather not entertain this time
I should have truly known to steer clear… paralleled my mind to what these crystal-clear eyes do see
When sudden trust turns our to be your #1 misgiving
On a most threateningly obvious scale – your early-doors tales were drenched in frozen-selfed everything
Pity because there is indeed a Princess looking to gleam like Crazy
And No, you’re not out-and-out nuts, truth told just a little bit afraid…
Take care, it was almost a pleasure, rest-assured I’ll try to treasure said in between where our minds aside writhing bodies meet for one Last time