They are sparring humanely, it seems
Among themselves These chaotic-faced people who like to shoulder the blame – to rearrange and plain damnright PUMMEL their opposite number

With THESE wide-awake PuNcHeS, a bareknuckle bell begins to BING!! And we finally get to see —

Everything: blood-and-bone (bRok-eN!!) on slaughterhouse show and other… ahem, inhumane almost damn near professionally schizophrenic things.

They do this to each other on “BLOODY!” purpose, can you imagine THAT! Two antagonised fighters(man OR woman, it doesn’t even matter…)

And ready to bestow upon the other person this InSAne instance of… “beautiful bliss, maybe?!”

Perhaps it is better for us to NOT think about it so much, and to just… … SIMPLY: “enjoy the whole goddamn LocoEMOTIVE Show.

Look at the state of their warrior noses, though. Spraying like hoses…