‘These Thoughts Are Ferociously Futile’
Big hard pardon
Yes Indeed. .. the rod is out, worms at hand
Fishing for his survival
Oh so God’amn metaphoricalised
He needs for these head-driven compliments to stitch him on up, nice and honest, so we will see
Dean, we’ve been thinking a lot lately. ..
Feel free as you might like to simply appease these scare-some eyes
Wide-shut to finally unearth some sugar to find
Which sit in of their insurmountable accord
Account to amount//amount as these wordsmiths must strut their fantabulous stuff – to reach to take quite sizeable mandatory folktorn stories on a glory road to beat the equally merry band
Of settled say when pen-brothers
Out There
Bring him up to a Dreamed level of content – You Can Not Ever Fail Outright
The execution needs to feed the or every soul
This slight of dastardly serendipitous hand far too prioritised
Swear to Christ, might this just be the easy route via terrific truth
For only so very much as instigated, tantalisingly talented You
Drew a line in the sand, you did it with these multifunctional hands