It isn’t that they haven’t swanned about the place at rip-roaring pace and acted like these complete and ambivalent versions of this-and-THAT person. Not even that they’ve offered the alternative task to anyone else but for

Themselves. Actually… it’s… not… quite an act, not EVEN a mask, just an imperfect flooding of UNasked for tears, actuALLy.

They’ve ridden a million wAvEs and remain stILL here: having braced themselves, their bare-naked bodies, and BRAVED:

everybody else and their sickeningly amateurish opinions, and still//
Watched and walked with them-

amidst these ten-tonne tales of talking them back to their improper pace of placement, and it IS: Certainly NOT worth the wait..

she’s been altering the time and its thunderous tone again, SHE’S even been… …

especially keen about being… brutally honest from Here-On-IN. What we DID NOT inFACT say is

—- to let them wander about the plACE with their (all of them!) ACES UP THEIR Sycamore sleeves; leave them alone, dearest Deathly over-enthused AND underestimating people—-

For what you have walked… and talked about and t-i-r-e-d yourselves to death of— isn’t EVEN A drop Atop Of A Drop Atop
Of a drop

Atop of their EmotionAl oCeaN. Of bouncing back from everything smashed at ‘em