Theory does have it that there’s this ‘sweet‘ little procrastinating run-of-rumination —
And it seeks to feel: deceptively effedUP and on UTTERLY purpose. To pose a most manky-handed and upside
-Down threat. To this/that/EVERY other person(!) These people have been both vocally AND FOCALLY aware of themselves and for FAAAAR too long a time actually—-..

And this IS THE THING: that they HAVE ACTually turned their tWiSt of tOnGuE bravely towards.. another avenue of juiced cReAtiOn.

Indeed. It need NOT be so Very Sensational.. it need not EVEN be anything other than…
A dance inside of a darkness at-hand that JUST MUST NOT EXIST (anymore)

What they did, though (…) What they damn-well DID! Can, AND will, make imaginations seem like actively estranged mouthpieces. Need to know, though. Where ever HAVE they been to?