An invaluable day on the gloriously stretched horizon – memories dancing to gather amidst a sun’s brazen rays of shine
A tiny black and tan dog – not in the sun-soaked sense of course – eats some of his food from a neatly placed bowl out by the empty-leafed tree over a yonder, these breathtaking shadows are simply magnificent for their enticingly juxtaposed worth
A little red-haired girl plays with the unfastened tap that her father has been keeping a watchful eye over – everything within safety reasons
He simply has to smile for this is one of those particularly special days, a momentous occasion as such
A pretty, sandal wearing wife who will continue to look wholeheartedly, rather refreshingly, over all of the aforementioned with the most unmatched of smiles from her kitchenette window
Where delicious treats tend to making an altogether excitable difference
This will be the absolute moment above all else to dig and delve, to dash and to last on into a preciously instigated lifetime of which