It is effective and Affected and utterly this effervescent and rather riotously real thing, this rhapsodised and rather rhapsodic emotional affiliation

Shared and spared successively both SUGGESTIVELY between – these poised people of peripheral Persuasion

Loving AND LIVING these paint-smattered Lives of theirs and at precarious pace – bless their ferociously Readjustable faces

They’ve probably faced it ALL and fazed it all out… and followed their VERY own path to freethinking freedom, actually: have very nearly even neatly asked for their other person’s hand back- yes, “this supposed support-system IS rather rhythmically REAL.” And it belongs to his family of heroes … … 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️

Yet, we KEEP on asking ourselves just one such ScintilLATEd and problematically unanswerable question, but..

“How. In. The. Name. Of. f*c*. Did. They. Do. It?!!!”

With their Brains on fIrE(!) whilst their mInDs have been MEANing to MATTER for as long as they CAN care to reMEMbeR —

Being a nineties child of silence and softly bespoke suggestions – and then… the crash AND BURN(!) that earned them a place in the happiness of “hellFIRE!!” 😉 His Demise is her Greatest Surprise.