They’ve opened UP their minds eyes and hearts and all other eXpLoSiVeLy circumspect things

… to the wandering p.o.i.n.t AND argumentative extent of u-t-t-e-r-l-y illogical understanding

and, STILL, we shALL ALL OF US(!!) staunchly STAND with them: And b-e-g-g-i-n-g themselves, AND ourSelVEs, please

To remain: these Mainly Magnanimous and magnificently gracIoUS individual criminals – of Chaotic-fAcEd (MIS)behaving’s and other fInElY inCONgruent things, actually.

Their have-a-heART ART is, AHEM… “HI-end.” Their merry LITTLE aforementioned minds these..

Sporadically misplAced and dutiFULLY dishevelled things, and YET,

What they have been and done AND WILL (still) manAGE to none-too-typically achieve again is… … quite sIMPLY: beyond our greaTEST landscape of unidentifABLE imagination