When the noise is less than less now and they do assume to suppose to previously(, actually) PROpose

To remain these wideAWAKE and aViDEyEd people and, MUCH MUCH MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, these vivacious little creatures of

Unidentifiable nightly CrAwLiNgS: indeed it has ALL of it been this credibly KEEN-eyed endeavour and set to EARN ITS State of Tasteful SELF-trUSt and to eventually become..

Rather riotously mEaSuReD AND MERITED, in-fact—
And in its UTTER infancy(for its whole snide worth) actually

AND at a pACCCCE of Undisclosed Modern-Day ArtIsTic acrImonY. Why have we NOT heard of THIS particular catchment of p-e-o-p-l-e ‘Til now(?!)

Perhaps because they have stayed away(!) from the bickering AND bothersome nature of these other
Peripherally prioritised individual$ who DO NOT EVEN w-i-s-h to listen ATALL anyMORE..

To their own inescapable stories