They were puking out the fACTS OF ALLIED-allegiance… and picking UPsteed.. to, Ahem, Meet theBandOfMerrilySisters, actually, AND immediately at the

Middle// of conFUSED and CONfiscated Delirium meets WITh… DEADEYEDjovialismIN=DEED… .

And that’s fine actually, “Thanks forBickeringAND bothering yourselves and to the high-minded A-N-D -wired POINT of

“PredestinedDelirium, as it HAS BEEN aforeMENTIONED(asked)….
Y-E-T again..

Although, what ARE these aforementioned Hi=wired things whichSEEM TOswarm to songANDswim, ahem… .. VenomouslyWithIn(?!)”

We were taking control of our utterly own destinies when we… opened+our+Alarmified+eyes and thanked-TheEffingChrist

“… for the stately AbStrActNature Of BacktoFront bikes.” Nobody cared and nobody did care.. about being too careful with themselves anymore. As yet another masterpiece gets made to be

Erratically paraded to ALL AND SUNdry