Nowhere near it, I told them; pen in hand, I was never, ever going to sign his life away
Nothing we can do, whispered a foggy-headed student hellbent on making his lunch-break
Frustratingly wayward
Soon as they all disappeared I took my brother’s hand, knelt down and started to pray
If you ever want to give me anything, then please let it be this!
Blessing myself, I couldn’t but cry, ready for the agonising pause-onslaught, equally drowned albeit less guilty eyes on their part
Literally, I had ripped out his nineteen-year-old heart; sitting here now, beads in hand – yes, this kind and that – with a life-changing decision to be made
For the both of us
How ironic was this? All over the place forever and a day
Why? Simply because I’d managed to miss my sign – a sign that had spoken to me a thousand times before, plowing right on into the back
I decided his fate, diced with luck, tossing his particular coin ’til the shine was wiped away
‘Til upon its face appeared a truck