They did this thing with their train of anger and it entrusted in its own state of

Hahahahaha hilarity, indeed; treat it like wild-shadow and the SHADOW shall all of it: distantly disappear:: we are not trying to vie for anything else anymore

—-)) not even if(…) “they spoke to us with our eyes and minds wide-full actually.”

If they create then.. we cannot but hold our breaths – best or not and at a rate of
Disgustingly obvious bliss(!) Tediously sparking themselves to sit-up and SPEAK|| “what they were doing was

AlTeRnaTiVelY taking the time to challenge their state of highly unINTERPRETABLE Mind.”
We cannot be voluntarily interrupted anymore, “just so WE know- This Means Mayhem At The Silenced Seams(!!)”