We have watched the utter wildly inside their eyes, have even done the same thing for the past couple of weeks and months and years. They’ve been acting like utterly effed UP masterpieces sans any regard for anything else. When they..

Sugarcoat their aired OUTLOUD goals this is precisely when… “It all makes a modicum of sense.”
We was talking in upside down and LiPTaStIc syllables while the rest of the people started – with their R-plates in-place.

“Regularised VagabondMillionaires with injustice near their pinPRICKed Ears.” Yet. We didn’t even DISlike the TRagedY HapPenInG before their starry eyed minds. But what we did LIKE WAS

— a moving somebody with nothing LEFT but for GoldDust at Grasp. As they GRASP for another ten~millionth pulsation of bReAtH. The death. Of a dull and dutiful day spills with thrilled smiles

IS the poet’s PRIORITISED prerogative.. and she will not let it Die