The Monfrieth Millionaires.

These WERE the people who were left in a place// of permitted AND ADMITTEDLY pain-pummelling Upheavals.. they’ve EVEN been doing the time and cRuNcHinG ThE GOd-DArn NumBeRs again and, ALL AWHILE… crumbling their honourable AND HONORARY/CERTainlyCONtrary minds

“And all-for-whatEXACTLY?” But for the s-o-r-r-y state of ElectInG-To-Be:: a part of the WHOLE darn HISTORICAL PROCESS, and we will (not!) confess
To having—) electrified our OWN state of Christ-Almighty-minds and for the sake of YET ANOTHER WHAT(?!)

But to UTTERLY become THESE bare-naked and beautifully RAMBUNCTIOUS People again…….. ….

Truth hurts like hella-HI-water(!!) and THAT is
Why(?) WHAT(?) they HAVE done is…

aforementioned elected (themselves) to be

Wide-eyed and -eared PEOPLE of PlaYFuL ammunition and, above ALL else, abOUT to EARNESTLY e-a-r-n—->>>

A place at
the tantalised TasteofTable – “yes, their fables have been ALL-OF-THEM
A definitely destitute thing with Thinking Acting As…

Matter of FACT, TheirFavourite — best-trend”