They do not seem to have identified their VERY own strengths, never not EVER EVEN for the sake

… of the immediate time-being. ANYHOW- what we DO appear to apprehend and to have HERE are —

These painterly people with bouts of QUICK-THINKING panache AND dedicated dElIriUm for Brains, who can and canNOT, actually(!)

Pain them-selves to passionately Pause… the state of TheIr reawakened PreAWARENESS right=now. They are… … playful and thoughtful and DEFINITELY these FUN-loving individuals also-KNOWn-as A catchment of Kaiserslautern cRiMiNaL$(!)… .. be dAmNeD to opinionated secretiveness(, plEASE…)

“Those who DO (not?!) wish to DEATHly divide ThEmSelVeS fAiR DIVISIVELY again ‘Til letting themselves D-U-A-L bravely within—

———- the inner-insIdes of theIr Yeah-Yeah-Yeah(!!) mInDs” // it was nEVER (NOT-ever!) supPOSED to have beEN

THIS hEcTiC at t-h-i-s pARTicular Time-of-(queer-eyed)-yEAR,

And… as the case MAY be… (WIT)h the “HAHAHA(!!!)” landscape of their Picasso-LIKE earsPRESSED IntricatelyAND listlesslyAgainst- everyONE else’s S-t-r-a-i-n-e-d earPEACE, actually .