There’s this element of surefireDenial; of ALL advancing of eyes and smiling minds set to
Repetitively caress: their e-s-t-e-e-m-e-d sense of SELFLESS, actually, bliss. They’ve EVEN been cropped and cRiPpLeD AND even ChaoTicAlLy c-r-a-w-l-e-d ALL OF THE WAY back

To believing in everyTHING again(!) It is matter of barefaced fACT.. an alternative way-of-thinking, inDEED, and they DO seem to

Have eventuALLy, all-of-them, come galloping back UP
.. from b-r-a-v-e-l-y beNEATh: the thickening underbelly of saturated sensation——

It HAS been. An improbable AND victory-LESS endeavOUR of.. criminally shock-absorbing resilience INSTILLED(!!!!)

They b-l-e-e-d when We sPEAK.. and we CERTAINLY steal from their (all-hearing) MANNERISMS when they begin to FEEL f-r-e-e