They’ve wandered oh so wisely- in a scenic sense replicating their own state

Of unofficial delirium; awhilst these other oh so very shyminded people dutifully diagnose themselves as

Utterly fedUP yet again, actually, and they EVEN AppearToHave

Officially(ALL-of-them!!) asked to grab their turn of transformative tIme bacK. AskthemaSPRINTINGquestion… and they will answer with undeniABLE p-r-I-d-e. And why?!

But s=IMPLY because…
… to respond AND reply IS scenically seentobe: an enticingly emotional mannerISm of

… NOT even beginning to think for a ten-thousandth time of mere-EAGERJudgementanyMORE!!

Must We – misty eyed ‘n’ all – WATCH ourselves utterly implode, though…

Even if, the mere EAGERtHoUgHt would be… a fine thing?!