Nobody knew of this body
Impossible to see, so much as divulge a name
An address might indeed be nice, in a manner of speaking at least
Atrociously disguised by utter hostility
On one such lonesome night
A pity, for this particular body was truly be to God heaven-sent
They lent us an angel all over again, rather akin to her very own mother
Strangers could not but stop and stare for what must have felt like an eternity to them
Too much interest altogether – we treasured her wholeheartedly while they reassured her everything would be alright
Absolute trite, she was never, EVER alright!
Spite atop lashings of one man’s ungodly hormones doing ninety
Frighteningly distasteful
Such a goddamn shame
I never, ever get to look at the River Thames in the same way again