Sure it can’t
She’s blacker than black, the ace of spades
When there’s a parade down the street she sticks out like a sore thumb
Doesn’t hurt that her behind is an exact replica of Beyonce’s bum
Her husband runs The White Lady but turned the coin on it’s head as soon as he married “the coloured one from Croydon”
There they chat, while the drunks do some conversing of their own, handy out because if they fancy a drink after work they get to role on home
Funny because of the name of the place as opposed to the colour of her face
No such racism of course, the town loves her ways, her womanly vibe, even when the building is brimming wide
Can’t hide even if she wanted to
Unforgettable for sure, even more memorable than Naomi Campbell , far more pure
Truer than true
Even when she’s out back, underwear down around her ankles, squatting, taking a …