I nearly made a big mistake
Did a thing that would’ve had a lot of people
Shaking there head in disagreement
A poem about an ex
Thinking about it some more
The crass nature of the text would’ve put a hex
On my attempt to break the industry
Luckily I lost the poem, failed to save it properly
That’s me
Thank God this time
Now I can write on regardless
About subjects more sublime
Not abuse the quality of my rhyme
That said
This isn’t the most sensible thing to do either
If she reads it, her fiancé
It might still go about wrecking their heads
That’s probably fair enough
She started it with her misguided ‘quick wit’
She’ll never get to know who she is
‘Cos I’ve changed the important facts around
When I knew her once upon a time she was in fact quite sound
So maybe she’ll appreciate it, take the smooth with the rough
An out and out bitch no doubt
But I have to say she’s still beautiful
Using my pen to take her down to the ground was probably a tad hasty
I had to mention something about that God damn pasty good for nothing fiancé
If they reproduce one day I feel sorry for the child
That’s putting it ever so mild
This girl was, still is beautiful, no two ways