1/They’ve even taken time to have its very own merits, actually; have very much so ScintilLATEd their OWN selves
And for the price of: Pock-faced wherewithal, it’s been
Instantaneous and Sporadic – and instilled with Enough TiCk-ToCkInG TiC$ of Courage UNDER F-i-R-e to send ANY MAN TO THE
Looney bin, even. He’s been.. acting problematically interpretive and certainly
Certifiable, indeed. There is a time for it all.. to have came…
To a fabulously FANtasTIC standstill; I’ll take it from here(!!) says She:: with her best foot Lou-Boutin forward. The words have NEVER meant so VERY much anymore— yes, she IS Inescapably ReAl, it Appears.