The acrylic inside of their superset minds, this morning-time AND EARLY-AM. again insanely suggestive ability

To remain these able-minded people of pure and GOODg*d unequivocal resilience; there’s a maggot at the heart of the upside-down system And it SEEMS to (shyly) feel—-

Rather than not: OFTEN this oThErWORLDLY thing… … of course-and-cause – bReAthTakEn, indeed(..)

And ALL becaUSe(!) Whenever they DO in-DEED appear to reopen their cLoCk-wIrEd eyes AND mEaNdEr-oF-mainstream-mInD.

—- we cannot but want to WISELY w-i-s-h to

Meet them at the aforeMENTIONED UNEQUIVOCAL middle of iconoclastic proprietorship AND yet another parchment paper portrayal again. And it IS VOCAL…

This painterly (PERHAPS!?) pen has been making its very own s-e-n-s-e of JUDGEment-call (AGAIN!) and it’s all-of-IT been —

This surefire, suitABLY SpOnTaNeOuS AND layabout thing, ACTually: that we shall-NOT-ever (BEGin to) figure it out for OURsElvEs anyMORE(!!)

As their transgression Of AGGRESSIVE mind does PASSIONATELY pOUR—-

To a place of wonderFULLY inTOXICating indulgences(!) As we… begin to beg ourselves OUT-LOUD AND OUTLANDISHLY..

To stART at having a re-emerging heART(!) As it start$ to pUlSaTe at a terrifically r-a-c-i-n-g pACE of INTOXICATING DELIVERANCE(a-GAIN.)

But for this PROprietorship of PlAyFuL pen AND affably aforementioned uNiQuE, she might not have EVEN been here (anymore)

But it has to
R(.) To TRADITIONALLY readjust ourselves to sit AND RE-read it IS
… TO really all-of-us meaningFULLY MEAN it. And JUST like a Black-Hole in the sky her mind searches for

The colour-coordination in her eyes