Infatuated by this living beating want to simply adhere to sit and look as pretty a picture as can outlandishly be – her activity is spectacular and he tracks it downright wonderfully eyes aligned right by the prize of a lifetime
Tell us how to feel, the thrill is there and she just cannot care any less than she fails to do anymore
Love comes a-calling soon as we least suspect anything and they wrap their arms right by the others courteously welcomed endeavour – sometimes, they’ll meet trouble halfway and they’ll say why it’s gotta be that way
One day they’ll fail to meet right by her tasteful ability to stay and remain, while he plays with all of these pretty little drug-ingested girls who walk about these Manhattan enticingly trapping apartments with their alabaster legs wide eyed open for all to see

Where promiscuity breathes true happiness in a most magically twisted manner
Yeah, they’ve got him on a love-swing and he’s smiling tough he were a child of eighteen again – and she stands back to realise life is simply that thing, and she dives right in
He wants to be near her and blink in her light and toast marshmallows on a cold dark skylit New York City night

This is pretty