And they place their trust in the gods, any such god above

Because this shall be … Simply exceptional, and people will watch and arch their supportive backs and see

An intricately interwoven way out from intricately beneath – it is absolutely right that you should play it the way you feel it

And the heart beats at a million miles per hour and these people let loneliness play its way in again

Thunder only happens when it’s raining – this disdain can and has to pass in a manner of focused time

For you will all of you cry and cut yourselves to the manic core of a longing to belong to the other being

Mother, father, brothers

Restoring it all back together via nothing but irreversible memories

Be with him, please

This is your heart, can you feel it – pumps through your each and every vein and it is plain to see that he has written his way into literary history and this is no coincidence

White rose place against his silent chest … and the golden boy’s ethereal instanced moment takes us to another such territory, wherein the wandering angel rises and holds his final breath … and begins to begin to sing it from the top of one whole town’s every single roof – he smiles and makes winged flight, while we stand and listen and cry … and realise the unmatched ability in your about to be forever treasured ways

And, my friend, these tears are all of me and all of you, soon as we cracked our backs laughing and set fire to the desire in our adolescent eyes

Yes, this just has to be my final goodbye