Don’t exactly know why this particular thing had to have actually happened to only ever me
It’s been barbaric, terrifically lonesome and unjust to the absolute max
Must, oh must tear myself righteously away from all of this needy reoccurrence
See, when I fall, I do tend to taking to falling tremendously, immeasurably so back upon – down around these quiversome knees
To breathe outright once more but a seriously desired aside miraculously distanced patchwork dream coated in untouchable pristine gold dust – to touch would be to fan these agonised flames
Please, please, permit me to simply realise again all of these preposterously stolen away surroundings of mine
Any given somebody’s normalcy, their general everyday everything
Can you not plainly see that I’ve been meaning to bleed akin to simply you and your chosen few beautiful pretenders – relatively perturbed yet hardly ever disturbed enough
I might cry by upside-down clockwork, but this wanton desire swarmed all too romantically within will never, ever take to dying
When this undeniable thirst turns out to be tougher than anything they and theirs shall have ever seen in all of their pretty little untainted lifestyles – I do dream of a bourbon and orange to wipe this mind right out from time to time