Pockmarked peculiarly so
Don’tcha know that these particularly dedicated people have been winding down the time – setting fire to a most opportune reoccurrence
When dire boredom took rapturous hold of the most
Soon as outright lust aside reawakened drive tend to taking their hands and sizeably dancing
These weekdays are weak at the knees, albeit heady weekends highlighted all the more for their beer-driven over-indulgence alone – meek people with cigarettes perched between chapped lips
Which trumpeteer within and around a potato-digested burp or ten
Humour does tend to absolutely save the brave from what’s utterly insane
A stare, a whisper, a chance to localise the whole darn abstract flow
Smaller an audience the wider the notorious bicker right near three-thousand thirsty, heavily drenched ears
To distract an otherwise soap-like mind
Find a way to simply see all of these battled remedies of storyboard theirs
Prepare to farm the land, man three such equally hellbent on progression shops
The fickly set cop station where alcohol-gurgling addicted individuals sit chained to the only real seat that they ever get to know of
To appear to simply be transforming themselves from somebody’s to so suddenly nobody whatsoever
Treasure the hidden underbelly of criminal deceit
Out of touch just as their surround town has caused itself to forever be
Perhaps it is in fact high time for us to catch a bus on out of here, hold aforementioned hands simply wait and see…