It is this singular and sporadically adjustable thing which lives in them and at the pace of greatly anticipated anticipation/ these COMFORTably jaded-faced people of preDOMINANTLY… pedestrianised minds, actually, and one helluva kind of kindly purpose in Life(.)

They’ve created a truth in trustworthiness via their elongated sense of societal AND sweetly sophisticated art of Delicately Delicious Diction And it ALL started right… …

– Where exactly, only NOONE can know(!) –

They’ve even taken themselves to the brINK of untHinKabLe destruction and, stILL.. thought about thinking about.. stopping tHinKinG altogether

We love them because they DO love us and tHEy plACE(as a riotous AND rip-roaring result of this lopsided awareness)a sweet and hardening of trust

In our ability(natural and born AND gladly, actually)to see-AND-seize

The greater parts of We(?)