If they were ever even wondering how it all had happened then they and we need not have tried and treasured the whole event(even if: eventually it did make sequences of secondary sense).

“What happened when(?!) they all tried for the EXACT same billing of vIolAtInG information?” And JUST how damnUPrightSensationalMight it all+have+been..

If their eyes and minds were infact TIED to their TryHARDheARTStrings.. sometimes(.) And it isn’t even a question anymore but much rather

Than THAT..
A thing of blissful preANDreAWARENESS. Taken to task we had to ASKthemAnother Stalemate of constant QUESTioning, and for the 1stTimeEver. But.. how the effingHELL(…)

“Were we allAble to UnderStand The utter mood and mild/fire inside of their wIlDfIrINg Of MinD???”

Truth is stranger than fACT, actually: “that we weren’t and WE never Can.” But they are brave

in the way which defied everything