Even if they did ask for the keys to CreAtiOn, what they did get WAS not that particular thing; we’ve even been to seize it all back for themselves Actually, and it ALL feels..

Decidedly fucking SuRrEaL actually, just we wait and SEE: if the game IS being PlaYeD P-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y as it might and MAY like// to W-I-S-H to have happened this time, that TimE..

All of the aforementioned fucking timing had been RaDiCaLlY Knocked.. OfF cEntRe, inDEED, and they have fedFIERCELY at the table of her favouriteBEST imaginative landscape—>

Named: “This Naked Brain of His.”
And never, EVER she. Except for when.. the pen runs dry and he asks for her.. Imagination’s EYE to reALIGN his mind

Previously, it had withstood everything—-. And for the sake of HoldingOntoHappy. Because she CAN, and HE will..

DanCe to the seriously upside down Sounds of… Giorgio Moroder