I can almost taste it
Taste the gratitude
My long line of poetry going about setting the mood
It’s there for the taking
All I need to do is sit here
Watch some publisher lap it up
Chew on my words
Even if some or my lines are in fact quite absurd
In the best way possible of course
I know I’ve waxed lyrical about this book deal
Quite literally too
But owing to my experiences I’ve managed to go about
Reeling in a few of you
A woman in Orlando who loves the honesty
When it comes to a poem about her son
Called ‘Double D’
A few too many who were more than willing
To pay a pretty penny
For poems penned about their loved ones
Maybe there is some skill
When it comes to me using my pen to thrill
With a fan hailing from Hong Kong
I can’t go too far wrong
Free Leonard Cohen DVD
I’ll pop on tonight
Soak up his lyrics
Fill me with more ammunition
Oh the glee
People won’t know what’s hit them
Ground-breaking poetry
Courtesy of my eager pen
Then I’ll find a musician to add his/her voice
When it comes to what poem to use
Two hundred and one says theirs is a vast choice
Time to crack this thing wide open
The literary industries been waiting with anticipation for someone like me
I know it
Have always wanted to show it
Now that I am
I’ll have no such qualm when it comes to smiling hard
Signing the odd piece of paper now and then
For an equally eager fan
This is what I did
I got better
And rather than lose my creative streak
The clarity only went about making my palette wetter