all of these/them/their rather/than/rare elements of pure & petrifying and DISTANTLY disheveled and defiant paramilitary RECREATION- set to bristle/brim AND bring ((with them)): a single &, WHAT IS MORE than (N)ever before…

This sensationally singular sense… of oftenthanneverbefore perfectly abr-UP-t excitement: Yet, together(to ultimately GET HER BACK to her place of beautified belonging A-gain) they will take to this peculiar thing, namely… a Shark-eyed & Stringent Strife!! like a truculent-duck to:the/wandering and WOunD/uP/waters

WhEn… … … … … MANY many peripheral neanderthals much MORE THAN Never before…
preferred to father.. the… (shape of the long lost) slaughter.

& all (of it) owing to these/THEM… their heavenly selves.. to doggedly dip a (NONE TOO METAPHORICAL&) predisposed toe til delving (THEMSELVES!!) to the

MIGHTily electrified … Plinth of their preposteroUSly unshakeable beings

—- an audible “P-A-I-R!!!” of preDOMINANT and radicALLy homogeneous individuals who WILL, nevertheless, dutifully D-I-V-I-D-E distinguished opinion, nervoUSly: : : – —-_=:);&!.

Into a thousand million P…eaces!! Of each