According to all of the goddamn newspapers: “just your eLusIvE allusion to the truth.” We’ve cleared the table and made able-faced reckonings match-up to themselves yet again, even made miraculous MeMoRies: “hang on now, plEASE.”

She’s underneath the state of TRY-HARD enthusiasm this time and pUlsaTinG with her pulverised wits in that forever state of illFATED SHoCk and

“AWE!!” There’s been enough time now… just to take her bRoKen body and deranged PlayfulLy brAin ——-===> to that place whereIN the pedestrianised pace is…

Second-to-NONE the slowest misADVENTURE in the whole-wide town(, actually.) She’s a significant shape of a shock-horror masterPEACE, INDEED, and we will need to

Turn our cracked backs for a warming while someTIMES… … “and tend to our own sense of starry-eyed sedation AND perched PRECARIOUSLY BEHIND a COLOSSAL SM!LE(, plEASE.)” It’s a demonstration in bringing these deadlocked aNd ToSsEd demons to that place of irreparable, AhEm, HappinEss actually.”